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It was while scooting, scooting, scooting, scooting across the gray carpet of my bedroom in 1992 that my love for denim began.

Scoot, scoot, scoot—then turn to my tummy and rub my thighs across the carpet as if making a snow angel. My aim, to get the perfect faded look on my Gitano jeans. I was ten years old and I knew even then, that the fade had to be just right.

Nearly twenty years later, my love for denim hasn't diminished. And, while I would never treat my jeans so disrespectfully these days, I still have the same energy about getting my denim right.

These days, it's more than the fade that has me concerned—it's the fit, the style, the fabric and the efficiency of the jeans—along with the fade, that has me doing snow angels in dressing rooms everywhere in search for the perfect jean.

I am not a lone crusader in search for the perfect jean. Women everywhere are doing snow angels. . . and jumping jacks, and squats, and shimmies, and holding their breath and all of the other acrobats we would never do in front of another human being in order to get our bottom side into a piece of denim—perfectly.

And still, women are coming up short (or long, or tight, or loose, or muffin-top). This is evident by the shear amount of stores that sell jeans and even more evident by the stacks and stacks of jeans at thrift stores, and yard sales and in the back of your closet never to be worn again.

And, so, I created this website for every woman who has done the shimmy, the shake and the squat to get their bottom looking its best. I created it so that you can save your snow angels for the snow and so that we can save the innocent bystanders from ever seeing another muffin-top. I created this website to save you the work and make shopping for jeans fun and easy and so that you won't have to waste another penny on a pair of jeans you won't wear. And, along the way, I get to do what I love best. . . find The Perfect Jeans.

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You can't go wrong with these size 26 True Religion jeans! Classic, always trendy True Religion style!

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Perfect for warm weather, these BKE Ginger Capris will have you looking hot, but feeling cool this summer!

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