Secrets to the Best Fitting Jeans
for Curvy Women

Who Said Bigger Isn't Sexier? Play Up a Big Butt in Jeans for the Chance to Show Off Your Assets!

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A big bottom means different things to different people. Unlike the flat butt problem, where a woman's problem is easily defined.

A big butt can mean a “bubble butt,” a “wide butt,” or a “triangle butt.” And, these three subcategories can happen to all shapes and sized. You can be tall, petite or plus-sized and have a large behind.

However, for all three types of bigger butts, our goal is the same—find a pair of jeans that fit your legs, butt and waist, all while highlighting your best, um, assets.

Even though our goal may be the same thing, our strategies for getting there are all a little different. So, let's take a look at each difficult derrière for the solution to finding the best fitting jeans that are right for you.

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