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boot cut jeans, bootcut jeans, slim jeans, jean styles
boot cut jeans, bootcut jeans, slim jeans, jean styles

The boot cut jeans style are one of the most popular and versatile jean styles available to women today. They are slim through the thigh, but break at the knee for a cut a bit wider at the base to elongate the leg. They are available in all rises and washes, with a flare that is meant to be wide enough to fit over the top of a boot, as the name implies.

boot cut jeans, bootcut jeans, slim jeans, jean styles

Because they are universally flattering, this is one of the most popular jean styles. Where some flare and bell jean styles will make the leg appear shorter, the slight widening at the base make the leg appear longer. And, since the boot cut jean is wide enough to fit over a heel or boot nicely, they create a great silhouette when tailored correctly.

Because of the balance with the upper body that the slight flare creates, this is of the best jean styles for plus size women. However, the wider your hips are, the more narrow your flare needs to be. Keeping the flare more narrow will make the line from your thinnest point—your knee—less drastic and therefore keep the eye from focusing on the wider hip.

Wear boot cut jeans, bootcut jeans, slim jeans, jean styles

Boot cut jean styles are intended to be worn over boots. However, the options are endless.

Wear them over boots or heels. Wear them with flats or sandals. But remember to have them tailored to the right length (1 cm from the ground) for a clean, sleek look.

In order to wear bootcut jeans proportionally, you need to balance the flare with your upper body.

If you are already top-heavy or an inverted triangle shape, then your body's taken care of this for you. However, if you are pear-shaped or have a flatter chest, then you need to add some bulk—in the form of layers, or a blazer or even a scarf—to created the illusion of balance.

The bootcut jean is a very easy style to wear, especially when the flare is more narrow. Remember to try different variations of the cut—whether high or low rise, a wide or a narrow flare—in order to see what works best for you. Mostly have fun and remember to wear these jeans with confidence.

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