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Boyfriend jeans are a relatively new jean style (2009) that was made popular by the actress Katie Holmes. Katie was seen making a fashion-forward leap long before the term “boyfriend” jean was coined, by wearing a baggy and rolled-up pair of what appeared to be her husband, Tom Cruise's, jeans.

The look caught the attention of many paparazzi and the jean company Current/Elliott, who noticed that the roomy and relaxed jeans actually made Katie appear even more waif-like and feminine under the long rise of her husband's jeans.

Thus, Current/Elliott launched the boyfriend jean and there has been no looking back for the style yet. The boyfriend jean is a roomy, tapered fit jean with a longer rise and large back pockets which appears to have been stolen right off of your boyfriend's bottom. They are usually worn rolled, to complete the “I'm wearing a 6-foot tall man's jeans” look—although they can be worn straight for a relaxed look, too.

Although they are described as “relaxed” they can still be dressed up enough to wear for a more formal setting. However, the look itself was born out of the image of borrowing your man's clothes, so there are limits to this jean style's sophistication.


This is a great look for women who are already straight up and down. You are supposed to look like you are wearing your boyfriend's jeans—and last I heard—boyfriends don't usually have an hourglass figure. So, for all of you girls with a boyish figure, this style was created for you!

Boyfriend Jeans

As for the rest of us, enjoy this relaxed style, as well, just be careful if you are pear-shaped because the relaxed jeans—which are usually worn with a tighter fitting shirt and low on the hips—will only make your hips appear wider.

Also, petite ladies need to be careful that they are not swallowed up by the bulkiness of these looser fitting jeans. Make sure to pair them with tighter, more feminine pieces and watch that the rolled cuff doesn't make you appear shorter.


The boyfriend jean is a very fun style to wear. The understated look is very feminine when done right, and although the jeans are not revealing, the look can be totally sexy. The key is to pair them with a tighter and feminine top. Wear accessories that play up your femininity and shoes that are subtly sexy.

Summertime is a fun time to wear this style, when sandals and tank tops add a beachy-feel to the look. The cooler weather, however, has a lot of women pairing their boyfriend jeans with peep-toe booties and sexy sweaters, so don't think that just because the cooler weather has come that these cuffed jeans have to be put away. They can be fun all year long!

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