Wide Leg Jeans, Bell Bottom Jeans and Flare Jeans are Back and Hotter Than Ever!

Learn How to Master These Returning
Jean Styles Today

Flare Jeans, wide leg jeans, bell bottom jeans

Megan Rose, from DonatilaRose.blogspot.com aces the return of the wide leg jeans style with her J brand jeans. She adds a good bit of current trends with a small dose of 70s flavor to create a sexy and sophisticated look that rivals the skinny jean style any day.

For many women, the return of wide leg jeans, bell bottom jeans and flare jeans brings a huge sigh of relief. The skinny jean style—although accepted by every designer—have not been so well received by every shape and size of women.

This isn't because skinny jeans haven't been embracing back—but rather because they've been embracing all of the wrong spots. Namely, the hips, thighs, calves and ankles.

Flare Jeans, bell bottom jeans, wide leg jeans

Bell bottom and wide leg jeans do what skinny jeans don't—they forgive. And, when styled right, they can do exactly what skinny leg jeans do—ooze sexiness.

However, don't think that you can dust off your old flare jeans from 2003 and wear them like you always did. These wider jeans are back, but not from 2003, but more from 1973 and with a good punch of 2011, too.

So, how do you wear this new (old) style? First, let's look at what today's bell bottom and wide leg jeans have that the old one's in your closet don't.

  • Higher rise—(hello long legs!)
  • More trouser styles
  • Minimal washes
  • Less emphasis on destruction
  • Fewer embellishments

Today's wider leg styles are focusing more on the great fashion era, the 70s.

And, so the styling needs to lean more towards this era than the last time you wore your flare jeans.

If you are wanting to give a more sophisticated look, try tucking your shirt to accentuate the higher waist and to make your legs go for miles. Try balancing the width and weight of the bottom by adding a shear or lace top.

Or, just take a cue from the great fashionista, Megan Rose from DonatilaRose.blogspot.com, for advice on looking sexy in wide leg jeans.

Flare Jeans, bell bottom jeans, wide leg jeans

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