Five Steps to Ending a Flat Butt Forever!

Find the Best Butt Jeans for a Flat Bottom!

Do you struggle with a flat butt?

If so, then help is on the way!

Finding jeans that help fill out your derrière is easier than you may think.

Just follow these five steps to achieve a bigger looking bottom in no time!

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Choose “Flap,” Not “Flat”

Flap pockets do wonders for women whose bottoms can use a little volume.

Flap pocket jeans work because not only does the extra details add interest to your butt, but the added material really does bulk up your backside so that your bottom does not only appear larger, it is.

Angles, Angles, Angles

When looking at the yokes—or the back seam above the pocket—choose a jean that has an angled yoke. A straight across line flattens your backside like a pancake, so always go for angled yokes.

And, while your at it, choose angled pockets as well.

If your pockets have flaps, don't choose flaps that are square-shaped. Choose—you guessed it—angled flaps. The same goes for the bottom of the pocket. A pocket that has a rounded bottom will make your bottom appear rounded as well.

Up, Up and Away!

Pick a jean that has a waistband that tilts up to give a lifted look to your backside. And, be sure that you have the right rise.

A nice mid-rise or high-waist jean will cinch you in above your bottom, ending a flat butt by making your butt appear fuller and rounder. Low rise jeans tend to cut your bottom in half and give a saggy-looking booty.

Lighten up

A pair of jeans that has a lighter fade under the butt will help a flat butt by creating an illusion of a fuller bottom. Also, a lighter denim all over will help to fill out your tush even more.

Know What's in Your Jeans. . . Lycra, of Course!

And, lastly, make sure that your jeans have a fair amount of stretch to them. Two percent is a must, but some jeans, especially those with four-way stretch may have more.

If your jeans don't stretch, then they will only flatten your butt. However, stretchy material is not a license to wear your jeans too tight. If your jeans are too small, even with Lycra, they will deflate your booty in no time.

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