The Search for the Best Jean
Styles Ends Here

Whether skinny leg jeans, jean trousers or
bell bottom jeans, we've found the perfect
jean styles for you!

Between jean styles, cuts, fades and brands, shopping for new name brand jeans can be overwhelming.

I understand that.

You begin with a plan to find a nice pair of skinny leg jeans that stays on your butt all day without sagging out.

That is your only goal—oh, and to not have to refinance your home in order to do it would be nice, too.

But of course, that is secondary to having your backside complimented for once.

Simple enough, right?



Before you even get to the issue of your bottom, you have to face a myriad of questions. What jeans styles are you looking for? What rise? Which brands do you prefer? Would you like light, dark or destroyed denim?


Before you get overwhelmed and run for cover in the food court of your shopping mall, take heart that once you get an understanding of the basics of denim, jean shopping won't send you into a chocolate-eating-induced panic attack.

And, you will find those bum-complimenting jeans in the meantime.

But before we get to your butt, let's take a moment to review the most popular jean styles that are available today. And, then we will get to the rise, and brand, and washes and most importantly—your butt.

(But, if you can't wait, you can move right on to Check Your Pocket for the Secret to the Best Butt Jeans.)

The Who, What and "Wear" of Jean Styles

Skinny Jeans Trouser Jeans Boot Cut Jeans
The sexiest jeans around! Yes, you can wear skinny leg jeans! Learn how to wear them here. The sleek and sophisticated trouser jean, the perfect jean for any shape and size!
The boot cut jean is one of them most popular and versatile jeans around. Learn how to style them perfectly today.

Flare Jeans Boyfriend Jeans Straight Leg Jeans

The flare leg jeans and bell bottom style have made their return. Learn how to style and have fun with this style now!
The boyfriend jean is your key jean for looking sexy while being relaxed. Master this look today!

The universally flattering straight leg jean is great for all body shapes and sizes. Get your perfect fit and style here.

Wide Leg Jeans Wide Leg Jeans
The effortlessly sexy look of the wide leg jean is one that every woman should master. Find out how to wear them here! Whether you call them denim leggings, jeggings, or pull on jeans, you are sure to love these super tight & comfortable jeans!

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