Tuck Your Jeans in Boots for a Super Sexy Look!

Tucking Jeans in Boots is One of this Years Sexiest and Sleekest Looks!

Learn How to Tuck Your Jeans in Boots Now!

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With the cooler weather approaching, we are seeing a lot of jeans in boots on the streets. And, why not? Tucking jeans in boots this season should not only be a wardrobe staple, but a new way to add a unique style to your look.

And, just about anything goes this year with boots. From low slung booties to over-the-knee styles, from slouchy to tight—boots are so stylish that it's a shame to hide them beneath your jeans.

But, before you start thinking that this article is about shoving your old skinny jeans into last year's Uggs, then think again. Here's some new and fresh ways to show off this old style.


We are seeing tons of booties this fall. Booties can best be described as boots that stop at or just above the ankle.

No, they are not the knitted socks that newborns wear. We are not talking about boots that babies wear but more like baby boots—shorter versions of the full-sized thing.

Booties can be both open-toe or closed toe. Either way, they are very hot this season and are a great way to make the move from your summer wardrobe to a winter one.


Booties are typically worn with skinny jeans, leggings or with a pair of rolled boyfriend-jeans. One rule for the summer and now for the fall and winter seems to be that a tastefully-sloppy (yes, there is such a thing) look.

We are now seeing the looser, sloppier rolled boyfriend jean paired with clean blazers, elegant scarves and cashmere sweaters. And, now that cooler weather is here, the look is being paired with boots.

It is not uncommon to see a sloppy-rolled jean over a pair of booties. Or, perhaps, jeans tucked in half-way into a slouchy pair of booties. If you style your jeans casually, remember to balance the look with a more sophisticated piece such as a feminine top.

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Tuck Your Jeans in Boots!

To perfectly tuck your jeans in boots, you may have to do a little behind the scene work. Before you tug those boots on, make sure that your jeans are the right length. You want your jeans to end right around your ankles.

You may have to roll them to get them right and if you jeans are really long, you might have to adjust the roll—a longer cuff—so that you don't have bunching and discomfort. The goal isn't a nice-looking roll but one that is comfortable and doesn't bunch.

You may find that pulling your socks up and over your jeans works well for you. I personally don't like this trick. I just find that it stretches out my socks and makes my jeans feel bulkier, but try it out for yourself. It may just do the trick.

Tucking jeans in boots works best with skinny jeans, leggings and at the widest, straight-leg jeans. If you get too wide of a jean, you will see bagginess and creasing above the knee, which looks sloppy.

However, even the skinniest jeans can sometimes be too wide for the super sleek and tight boots. In this case, you may want to try rolling your jeans peg-leg style. You can do this by folding the bottom of your jeans over before rolling them up. When you roll this way, the roll itself can become bulky, so this is where pulling your socks over your jeans can come in handy. Rather than rolling your jeans, fold the bottoms over until tight, then pull your socks up before sliding your boots on.

If you find yourself having problems keeping your jeans down, you can purchase jean straps, such as the ones at JeanStraps.com which clip on to the bottom of your jeans and hold them down tightly as you style your jeans in boots.

Mid-Calf Boots

Whether cowboy boots, lace-ups, slouchy or slim and sleek, mid-calf boots are a great way to balance the slim skinny jean. Because these boots stop at the widest point of your calf, they help to balance out a larger upper body in skinny jeans.

A lot of women have trouble wearing skinny jeans with flats because the tapered ankle makes their upper body look out of proportion. One great way to balance this look is to tuck your jeans in boots that end midcalf.

Knee-high boots

The sleek look of knee-high boots is one that is a couple of seasons old, but isn't going anywhere soon. This look can be worn both with heels and flats and still look sophisticated.

Most knee-high boots are brown or black leather, but there has been a increase in the two-toned (black and brown leather) and distressed leather, too.

These boots can range from classy riding boot style, complete with lacing and buckles, to motorcycle styles. Either way, tucking your jeans in boots will keep you looking classy all winter long.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are actually easier to wear then you may believe. They are created to bend with the leg and when made with a high quality leather, they can be quite comfortable. However, styling over-the-knee boots is the hard part.

The trick is to look sexy without looking scanky. Over-the-knee boots have been attributed to costume dress for some time and when paired with the wrong pieces, you can begin looking like a Renaissance character, or worse. . .

So, in order to make this look work, let the boots be the main interest piece. Do not wear anything too revealing in combination to keep your reputation and do not pair them with flowy sleeved shirts, vests or anything that looks like a time-piece.

Boot Styles for 2011

  • Riding Boots- With the sleek leather and the tight lacing, riding boots are proving to a great way to keep your look sophisticated this fall. Look for these boots in brown, black and two-toned leather.
  • Shearling and Cable-Knit accents- We are seeing a lot of wooly, furry, and down-right-cozy accents on boots. These boots give a comfy mountain vibe, but when paired with heels and sleek leather, these boots are definitely city-chic.
  • Buckles, Zippers and Laces- These boots are made for walking and for showing off. No more hiding your booties under jeans, ladies. Accents like zippers, buckles and lace-up details are there to be seen! So, tuck those jeans in boots!
  • Western- It's an American tradition and it isn't going anywhere. The cowboy boot is here to stay, but with fashion's influence you can see these old standbys getting a little make-over with shorter styles and details like sheepskin and distressing.
  • Clogs- Clogs are back and when paired with a great fitting pair of boyfriend jeans, these low slung gems say “relaxed” like no other.
  • Distressed- Like jeans themselves, we are finding that boots are ready to purchase with that pre-worn look. Instead of having holes and fading, you will find boots that are distressed and creased like you've owned them for years. This will take your look from polished to a more relaxed, weekend vibe with just the change of a boot.

Now that you know how to wear your jeans in boots, show off your style in our denim showcase and become a Denim Diva today!

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