How to Wear Jeans to the Office and Look Professional!

Learn How to Wear Denim to Work in a Sophisticated, Polished Manner

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Here at The Perfect Jeans, we believe that jeans should be worn 24/7. Or, at least until they come out with comfy denim pj's, 16/7—or something like that.

Basically, what we believe is that jeans can be worn for almost any occasion—and that includes the office.

Jeans have come a long way from their origins as work-wear for coal minors in California. Jeans have become a staple of the American wardrobe and over 1.5 billion was spent on jeans last year alone.

And, although jeans had a humble start, even back in 1860 they were worn in the work-place and by the iconic and ever-trendy Levis jeans.

So, unless your office prohibits wearing any form of denim, there is no need to stay clear of wearing this fabric to even the most conservative offices.

Wearing denim to work is all about fit and style.

But, before you head off to casual Friday wearing any old jean, read these tips for looking your most sophisticated in jeans.

Proper Fit

Getting the perfect fit is necessary for the office. Too loose and you appear sloppy. Too tight, and well, people get the wrong idea. A nice, body-skimming fit is perfect. You want your jeans to show off your curves without sticking to your skin.

Also pay attention to rise. A mid to high-rise is a must. Low rise jeans put you at risk for revealing too much skin when bending over or reaching.

Have you jeans tailored to the proper length, which should reach about 1 cm from the ground. There should not be any bunching at the bottom of your jeans. When you purchase them or have them hemmed, be sure to wear the height of shoe that you would ordinarily wear to work and keep those jeans off of the ground!

Want to learn how to hem your own jeans with the original hems? Watch this helpful video tutorial on how to hem jeans.

Sophisticated Style

The safest style of jean for work is the trouser style. As the name implies, this style is cut like a pair of trousers but is made from denim.

Trouser jeans are not your usual 5-pocket style, but rather have pockets that are slanted, on the side seam, or non-existent. Back pockets are usually a welt style. Trousers are typically a solid, dark rinse, without fading, creasing or distressing. And, the thread used for the seams is not contrasting, but rather tonal and blends well.

The fit of the trouser jeans is perfect for the office because they are straight from the hip down, which not only creates a long, lean silhouette, but also a professional look.

The trouser jean is the safest style for a conservative office. However, if yours is a more forgiving environment, then you can try other styles such as straight leg jeans or even skinny jeans as long as you avoid trends such as: fading, distressing, rips, embellishments and colored denim.

One caveat for wearing skinny jeans, however, is that this style is often perceived as a more risqué style. Be careful to not wear your skinny jeans too tight and that the rest of your outfit is modest. Use your own discretion when choosing this style based on your body type and work environment.

What to Pair With Your Jeans

How to Style Jeans for the Office

Because you are wearing a traditionally “casual” bottom, you need to make sure that your top is especially professional. Silky, sheer, or dainty knits are ideal. Or, if you choose to wear a more masculine blazer, don't forget to accessorize with feminine details, such as a scarf or necklace.

Heels are great for adding not only a feminine touch to your outfit, but also for making it look more polished. Closed-toe are a safe bet, but your specific work environment may grant you more freedom with this choice.

If you do choose to wear flats, be sure that your jeans are tailored so that you don't have any bunching. To achieve a longer look without heels, wear flats that are a solid, dark color which will blend into your jeans to create a longer, leaner look.

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