Look Long and Lean in Your
Women's Petite Jeans!

Learn to Wear Petite Clothing So that You Look Fashionable and Taller!

Are women's petite jeans for you? The fashion industry defines petite as being 5-4” and under. Which is interesting considering that the average American woman is 5-4”.

So, if you are a regular sized woman, you may feel strange having to wear “special” petite jeans for your height, taking into account that most women are about your size.

But, strange as it may seem, it is so and denying it and trying to pull off “regular” length jeans when you are a “regular” 5-4” just doesn't work.

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Why doesn't it work? You may already be guessing that the 34” and greater inseam on many designer jeans is not going to work for petite women.

But, this is only one concern when trying to dress your average. . .err. . . I mean, petite height. There is the problem of pocket, seam and rise proportion to consider as well.

And, even if the only issue were the length, tailoring only works for some jeans.

Consider how cutting off four inches of a bell bottom or flare leg jean would change the contour of the leg. Also think about how reattaching the twenty inch seam to the fourteen inch width higher up the leg would work.

Imagine how silly those jeans that have patches, fading, intentional wear and tear in the knees would look when they are located in your shin, rather than on your knees.

So, before you plan to buy regular length jeans and have them tailored, consider buying women's petite jeans. You may find that the fit is very flattering. However, whether you decide to make regular size jeans work or chose to purchase petite jeans, here are some tips to help you look taller in those jeans.

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