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Jean Trousers Are the Perfect Way To Look Polished and Comfortable!

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The award for the most forgiving of all jean styles goes to trouser jeans. As the name implies, the cut of jean trousers is like a dress pant—straight from the hip to the ground—but in denim.

By merely skimming the leg, rather than sticking to it tightly like the skinny or accenting the knee like the flare leg jeans, the trouser fit flows over lumps and curves creating a clean line.

The wash is typically dark, however some brands have tinkered with various washes and have even tried colored denim (usually white, cream or gray).


The trouser fit is great news for plus sized women. Not only does it disguise any lumps, it is also very lengthening and easy to wear. Jean trousers are especially good for apple shaped women, however all shapes can wear the trouser well.

Unlike the skinny jean—which tends to make the upper half appear larger—the trouser fit draws the eye to the lower half. So, if you are flat chested or a pear shape, you may have to work with layers to create balance on the upper half.


The trouser jean is typically styled in a sophisticated manner. Think business suit—but with the comfort of jeans.

Even though they are constructed with denim, they still look best when dressed up. Many women can get by with wearing trousers to work because of the clean and tailored fit. When paired with a blazer and pumps, the look is very chic and still sophisticated.

However, if you are wanting to wear this style for its forgiving fit and not necessarily wanting to dress for business success, then they can be dressed down with nice boots and sweaters in the winter or even classy flats or sandals in the summer. Either way, the tidy appearance of the trouser jean will have your figure looking great.

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